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Freight and

Local, national and international distribution of your merchandise through the following options:

  • Local, national and international parcel, land and air
  • LTL to everywhere inside México
  • Local and national Direct Shipping (1.5 tons. 3.5 tons and dry vans 48´and 53´)
  • We personally monitor your shipments, a person is assigned to your account and responsible for your complete satisfaction (no extra cost)
  • We have strategic alliances with companies of great prestige and quality


Pick & Pack

As part of our comprehensive service, staff is ready to fill and assemble orders with strict quality rules, considering processes imposed by the client. Through purchase orders we will be filling your orders and pack them ready to be shipped to wherever is needed


We are experts in the matter, we advise you so your warehouse and distribution will be handle in the most efficient way, fast and safe. Specially with a focus on cost reduction and profitability for your company.

View domestic process


Place an order, We can ship packages, pallets, direct local and national freights.

To your company

We take care of the transportation of your goods to our warehouse.


We store, pack and label according to your company's processes


We deliver anywhere in the republic, and keep special tracking of all your shipments.